About Holly International

Holly International Ltd. is dedicated in importing and marketing a variety of quality products of Synthetic Grass to Bamboo to several other gardening, playgrounds and football yards accessories. Holly international serves business and private customers throughout the country, we accompany our customers from the point they choose their product till the point of after service follow up. With our products you can witness the differences between grass types, get a great price quote, and consult with professionals.

the benefits of moving from real grass to synthetic grass

The initial cost of synthetic grass is proved to be stable over the years, as it is a product that does not require constant care and maintenance. Holly synthetic grass is weather resistant as it is based on a range of features and characteristics that makes it unique.

In fact, synthetic grass saves us: time, water, effort and preserves the environment which is highly important.

In addition to the obvious benefits of moving to synthetic grass, the synthetic grass quality materials which is stemmed from a vested interest in preserving the environment. Although synthetic grass was initially intended solely for in community sites purposes, it has become an integral part of the residential landscaping strategy. Therefore the high-quality synthetic grass of Holly international, perfectly suits both gardens and football and sport yards.

Our Products

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