Synthetic grass for Football (Soccer)

Many football fields already know that the natural grass that grows on the playgrounds goaled for soccer is no longer recommended. Since, real grass needs constant watering, straw cutting and application of anticipative substances. Besides, natural grass has brown stains that are difficult to treat, and its maintenance is tiering and time consuming. During the recent years, the phenomenon of moving to synthetic grass in many football fields around the world has been expanding.

The numerous benefits of moving to Synthetic grass especially in football fields. Why so? when we are concerned about water consumption to maintain water reservoir to avoid exploiting the environment. Adding to that the cost of maintaining the real grass, in terms of, watering, fertilizing, straw cutting and anti pests control. Aroused the interest in finding a better solution, where investing in quality grass furnishing , and a substitute that does not affect the performance of the players in the field, yet sustaining the natural beauty of real grass , all that while investing within a reasonable budget .

Standards and quality – To ensure quality, performance, and safety, it is important to install grass that meets FIFA’s international standards. It is highly recommended to choose a reliable company that can provide the required warranty and further support it.

Holly is a leading company in the field of synthetic grass purposed for the furnishing of football fields and professional sports fields. Holly International knows how to provide the necessary and high standard needed in the sports industries. Holly International Ltd. is a supplier with knowledge and experience that will guide you to the right products and can supply and guide as much as required.

Synthetic grass for sports fields

Market the highest quality, we offer the highest quality grass, not only meets high standards and is manufactured in FIFA approved factories, but our company suppliers are two of the nine suppliers recommended from around the world by FIFA and marketed exclusively by our company.

  • FIFA QUALITY– Synthetic grass adapted for training grounds.
  • FIFA QUALITY PRO – Synthetic grass for pitches that are also suitable for professional games.

The guys on the field need the best to win. Therefore, FIFA requirements are the most stringent regarding synthetic grass and ensure everything necessary for safe activity. The requirements include many parameters, including:

  • The level of tillage.
  • Drainage infrastructure inspection.
  • Strength of carpet and fiber.
  • Resistance to UV rays.
  • Checking the quality of the ball bounce and its performance on the surface.

In order to qualify for FIFA, additional requirements must be met regarding the nature of the installation on the field, as well as the ability of the supplier, the knowledge and the positive experience with FIFA requirements to create synthetic grass for football pitches.

Winning with Holly's grass

We give more:

  • More durable – our grass maintains its stability over the years.
  • Professional installation – Installing the grass for sports requires skill and professionalism in everything related to the preparation of infrastructure, marking, scattering abroad and rubber.
  • Comprehensive solutions – we offer you everything you need to lay quality and standard grass on the field. We have no timeout, you guys Order and we deliver as needed. We provide you with ancillary equipment for installing synthetic grass in football fields and accompany you through the installation process. We will also assist you with the help of our knowledge and experience in choosing the model that suits your needs.

Call us today at 072-3257599 and we will provide you with synthetic grass in accordance with the football field under your responsibility. You will soon be able to start reducing the maintenance costs of the lot, leave details on the website and we will get back to you with solutions that suit you and your budget.
Synthetic grass – recommended models
The original and market-leading models of synthetic grass are available: “Holly Mix”, “H-8”, “H-50”, “Holly Green”, “Holly Crown” and many more of a wide variety , serving anywhere in the country, through our authorized agents and marketers.

Holly International Ltd. dedicates all its effort to provide the best synthetic grass for both sport yards and landscaping. With more than ten years of focused development, Holly International Ltd.’s synthetic grass products have been used by Israeli customers, from professional sports clubs to government bodies, municipalities, schools, universities and countless private clienteles. Through the years a vast variety of Holly synthetic grass had been installed throughout the country with a total volume of more than 5,000,000 square meters, and the numbers continue to grow.

All the factors come together under one brand: Holly International synthetic grass.

All synthetic grass models of Holly International Ltd. have been developed and manufactured with materials of quality, and advanced technology to best suit all climate types, especially dry sunny climates. Through ensuring the adequate UV dose application and confirming the omission of all heavy metal materials, Holly International Synthetic grass products holds the best ranked synthetic grass and the most recommended for that matter.

Soccer fields grass installation is another important exclusivity of Holly International, both locally and internationally , the top quality synthetic grass purposed to be used in soccer yards ensuring the highest level of installation for compilation of services, an after service follow up is provided for all customers regardless. Throughout the years more that 100 soccer yards have been furnished with Holly International synthetic grass in Israel in addition to few abroad soccer fields, and the numbers are growing

Holly represents one of the seven recommended manufacturers of FIFA “FIFA PREFFERED PRODERS”, as we offer the grass that we provide meets the “FIFA QUALITY” and “FIFA QUALITY PRO” standards, including an approval by the Global FIFA- laboratory .

The difference between HOLLY’s synthetic grass produced or imported and any other synthetic grass available at the market, is that no matter what you choose from the range of products whether it is economical synthetic grass, dense, high fiber or low fiber and so on, you can be sure that the type you choose is of quality and durable synthetic grass above all a noncompromising quality.

In order to avoid any forgery we offer a certificate of origin and warranty for all purchased grass, So when you are apt to buy synthetic grass , remember to ask for the original warranty certificate be sent to you via email.
Synthetic grass solutions landscaping and lawn
Holly International has developed synthetic grass applications for residential, commercial, do-it-yourself, pets, golf, urban landscape, and many other purposes. Holly synthetic grass products have been installed in all cities, villages, kibbutz, clubs, and sports facilities across the country, and are accepted by millions of families, for generations