Synthetic grass for the Gardens’

Do you run a kindergarten? Is it important for you to keep your children safe and secure while playing in the yard? Meet the new trend in the field of safe playground furnishing – synthetic grass for kindergartens.

Synthetic grass has many benefits:
Enjoy the simplicity while not compromising the quality, having synthetic grass requires as little effort as possible, for almost no maintenance required, just install the grass and you will enjoy a real green grass all year round, and for several years to come.
Holly synthetic grass surface is soft and comfortable and most suitable for preventing any blaze or blister which can be due to of surface scratching, f the children at the playground, in addition to providing absorbent ground in case of falling .
Holly synthetic grass end results are evident, an abundant beauty at your back yard, playground, or house garden. Withstanding all weather conditions, does not wear out at any time of the year, stays as good as new for several years, in addition to the fact that it is financially reasonable, and not time consuming.
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Holly International imports synthetic grass is of excellent quality with characteristics that meets the needs of the Israeli market. The company knows well the needs of its customers and do all possible to provide the best products for them. The company’s customers include businesses, companies, educational institutions, and many private customers.

As Holly International puts its clients service on top of the priority list, therefor Holly offers its customers many services, to mention some:

  • Quality products, both durable and suitable for all climates, while maintaining the softness and color of real grass.
  • Excellent customer service, both before and after sale.
  • Diversity of products to meet every customer’s requirements.
  • Reasonable prices and special offers are given according to the demand volume.

Synthetic grass - the perfect choice for kindergartens

Every kindergarten has a yard, or a playground where children spend many hours at. When it comes to furnishing the kindergarten yards, one of the primary challenges is to prepare the yard floor by removing any presence of tiles, wood or stones , for in case a child falls on this floor it may cause serious injury.
In addition to the problems of sandy playgrounds, for it may have within it animals’ faeces, ants and pests, which can cause illnesses to children.

Ordinary grass is undoubtedly an excellent choice, yet it requires a lot of maintenance, from straw cutting to watering continuously. Furthermore, after fertilization the children should not play in the natural grass yard, because the fertilization substances might cause severe allergic reactions to the children.

In light of the above, choosing the synthetic grass for kindergartens is the perfect choice , as it does not require maintenance, mainly because it is a soft base that absorbs falls, and does not attract cats and pests of various kinds, and in addition to the beauty that it adds to the yard.

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