Synthetic grass for soccer fields

During the recent years, synthetic grass has become an integral part of football fields. And not for nothing does this product gain so much presence. This is a great solution that offers an appropriate response to the need. First it is the softness of the surface and the suitability for use in the sports fields. The texture of the surface allows players to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant surface for the game. In addition the softness of the synthetic grass that protects players against bruising. Synthetic grass is also considered a very economical product as it replaces the natural grass that also requires continuous care such as watering, gardening, cutting and anti pests treatment. It is impossible not to mention the feature of durability of the synthetic grass – it looks wonderful over time and minimal maintenance required.

What types of grass are there on football fields?

Since there are many products in the category the most suitable grass can be adapted for any purpose and use. If it is a football field, it will be important to choose a scratch-resistant surface, a surface with relatively short stalks that will allow the games to maintain stability and control of movements. The issue of sun exposure should also be addressed. If it is an exposed field where there is sunlight for long hours it would be right to choose relatively light color synthetic grass.

What are the standards for synthetic grass in soccer fields?

When furnishing a football field, certain standards must be taken into account. This is true in terms of length and width of the area as well as in relation to further details. As for the grass, it is important to examine the standard and act accordingly. For example, synthetic grass for a soccer field will reach a maximum height of ten cm. The issue of markings on the field must also be taken into account. The markings will be performed by a professional who specializes in the construction and renovation of sports fields. The penalties and so on.The points will be marked in proportion to the entire playing field.

Does the location of the field matter?

The location of the field determins whether it is most suitable to be a playground field or not, for the amount of rainfall , the sun’s radiation and the conditions of the area affect the synthetic grass and its durability over time. It is therefore important to consult a professional and get a reliable recommendation for the most