Synthetic grass for the Gardens’

Want to upscale your garden and add natural look to it, once and for all with as little effort as possible? Looking for quality lawns? Interested in turning the yard into a playground?

All you need to do is to call 073-7841563 and one of several qualified Holly International representatives will be happy to assist you and guide you through choosing the best grass that best serves your needs with the best price offer.

Synthetic grass significantly improves the quality of life. Instead of wasting time, money and resources on expensive garden or yard flooring, you can simply install high quality lawns, and enjoy a green landscape. Synthetic grass lasts for years and does not require maintenance. You can choose from many types of synthetic grass, combine it with natural vegetation, and even install it on the balcony or even on your roof.

Holly International is proud to offer synthetic grass for the garden of the highest quality in Israel. Our company has the knowledge, experience and ability to install synthetic grass in every yard and garden. We are well acquainted with the Mediterranean weather, aware of the differences between synthetic turf surfaces, and believe in full transparency when serving our customers.

With us you can choose synthetic grass from a very wide range of types:

  • Holly Premium
  • Holly Green
  • Holly Mix Pro
  • H-50
  • Holly Metis
  • Holly Balance M40
  • Holly Crown
  • Holly Cameron
  • H15
  • H25
  • H-8
  • Holly Uranus

The differences between the types of synthetic grass that we provide are based on the level of density, environmental standards, that abide by the index of Detex , especially in terms of the softness of the grass. We provide you with a skilled team of consultants, who will help you to closely examine the different types of grass.

You do not have to compromise getting the best quality of a soft real green and comfortable lawn; to having spent money on synthetic grass of a poor-quality yard. List all your requirements, contact us and get quick answers from our courteous representatives.

If you wish to hear moreabout our synthetic grass for landscaping? Call 072-3257599, and we will be more than pleased to be at your service and attend to your orders.